A Mother’s Love

Nine months I had spent
inside my mother’s womb,
born so beautiful like flowers in bloom.

She didn’t have an abortion
because she cares;
she had shown me love, compassion without fear.

Tears ran from her eyes as she cried,
the nurse slapped me on my bottom,
made sure I was alive.

When I uttered a cry she was full of joy.
The nurse then said to her,
“Here, you can hold your beautiful baby boy.”

Several years had gone by and as I grew;
she nurtured and cherished me and a lot of love she shew.

The pain she felt was excruciating,
no father like a mother
will feel the same thing.

All mothers are a blessing sent from God.
A lot of children are hoping and praying
for a mother to make them glad.

Show your mother that you care.
Thank your mother for all those years.

A mother is a friend at all times.
She knows when you are hurt
or when something is on your mind.

A mother is someone you can rely on
even when you are in sinking sand.

She will always be there for you,
to pull your hand.

Remember to love your parents,
it is the fifth commandment,
so don’t show any indifference.


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