Borrowed Time

Time waits for no man. The time you spent reading the very first sentence of this article will never return. It’s gone forever! The years you’ve lived since your birth are like a dream; they’re also gone, never to return. The rest of time you have on the Earth is ticking away by the second and will be gone too. What will you do with your remaining time here which could be an hour, a week, a month, or a year?
Borrowed Time
When you’ve lived your life to the fullest-enjoyed most of the pleasures you’ve ever dreamed of and the number one enemy-death-passes your way, what truly matters? You didn’t come to the Earth with anything; likewise, you won’t take anything with you. Where will all your enjoyable time spent on the Earth place you?  In the grave for sure-then what?

Humans live in a dimension that is governed by time and with time comes death. Every single thing we do in this life is controlled by time, whereas in the realm of the divine, the Godly dimension, time is irrelevant. 2 Peter 3:8 says, “a day is with the Lord as a thousand years.” Jesus Christ walked the Earth a little over two thousand years ago, but from God’s reckoning, it’s a mere two days.

The Bible speaks of the “end of the age,” when human history will end and a new era will begin in the form of divine rule-the Kingdom of God. How? The answer is time will one day expire! Time will live out its time!

While this is yet future, the seconds are going by, so are the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. In the meantime, we go through the ritual of life-we sleep, eat, work, play, and so on. As this ritual is repeated daily, and the cycle of life is taken for granted, time is slipping by and with each second we draw nearer to our end, some sooner, some later. We know not the hour.

God has given us “three scores and ten,” as our time to live on Earth. Fortunately, some live up to a century and beyond. Although medicine is trying to add more years, the reality remains that human beings are still “appointed to die,” and will die simply because of time.

Ecclesiastes 9:11 says time and chance happens to us all. Some of us will die by accident at a young age because of our own carelessness or that of others. If we don’t die by accident, there are the natural causes waiting for us.  Simply put: we cannot escape death. Our time will come one day underscoring the need for us to maximize our time while we are alive. We are all destined to go to the grave where “death cannot celebrate thee,” because “there’s no knowledge” in the grave.

It’s time we face the fact that today we are here, tomorrow we may be gone. It’s time we begin to think that Jesus, the Christ, the only true and living God, will return soon to redeem humanity, set up His Kingdom and put an end to time.

If you were able to see into your future and know when you will die, what would you do about it? Would you try to get closer to God? The truth is, for many, it wouldn’t make a difference. We live as if we are never going to die! Yet we are living on borrowed time!

As you spend some time reading this issue of Prevail Magazine it’s critical that you make use of this time. Use the time you spend reading these articles for your own good because if God Almighty is calling you to surrender your life to Him, now is the time!


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