My Feasts

At this time of the year, many people have been planning for the past weeks or even months how they intend on spending their time during the holiday season. They all look forward to having the most wonderful time of the year, in keeping with the popular expectations of this festive time of Christmas.

People are so busy with their holiday planning that they have little time to stop in their tracks and ask themselves this salient question: What is so wonderful about this celebration? Is it to honour our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Is it about getting the gifts, or giving the gifts; is that what really matters? How about the feasting that goes on: the drinking, the partying, meeting families and just having a jolly good time? Suppose they were to learn that “the main reason for the season” is not in this picture at all. Would it still be a wonderful time of the year?

My Feasts

We have often heard the phrase, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” But is that really so? You can easily discount whether Jesus is the reason for the season, if you are willing to allow the Bible to be your standard. Any theologian will clearly tell you that Jesus the Christ, was not born on December 25 or anywhere near that date for that matter. Many history books and encyclopaedias, secular and religious, will confirm that Jesus was not born on Christmas Day. But how is this possible, you may ask?

As you will see, presented in the articles of this issue of Prevail Magazine, the concept of Christmas and all of its associated celebration did not originate with Christ. He did not instruct the early New Testament church to observe this day. Instead, Christmas, as we currently know it, has its roots in paganism, and is derived from the Roman feast of Saturnalia.

In essence, Christmas is a man-made holiday, not sanctified by the Word of God, but rather, is simply an invention of a culture that did not know Jesus Christ. Yes, as surprising and perhaps disturbing as that may sound, this is the reality of what we know today as Christmas. It is not a celebration that honours Christ or for that matter, is even considered Christian in any way, shape, or form.

Please stop for a minute and ask this question: What do Santa Claus and the Christmas tree, (two of the most popular symbols of this celebration) have to do with the birth of our Saviour?

Surely, if God wanted us to celebrate the birthday of His only begotten Son, He would have given us the exact date and specific instructions on how to observe it. Presently, the way it is portrayed, the obvious “god” of Christmas is Santa Claus. It would have been plain idolatry if Christmas was a commanded holiday by God, because Santa has certainly stolen the spotlight!

Would it come as a surprise to you to realize that in the pages of your Bible, specifically Leviticus 23, God commands some very important days for us to observe and celebrate until Jesus Christ returns?

Without a doubt it would be an interesting study for you, spiritually and otherwise, to learn about these annual Sabbaths (or Holy Days) and the meanings behind them. In so doing, you will begin to see just how meaningless Christmas is to God.

And after all, isn’t it more important to please God rather than risk His displeasure by observing man made traditions? It would do you well to review Leviticus 23 since these Feasts are the ones He calls, “MY FEASTS.”


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