Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Christmas Tree Replaces Christ

Honestly, in my opinion, I would not have a Christmas tree in my home, simply because I do believe that it has nothing to do with the birth, death, even the life of Jesus Christ. The whole reason or point of me being a Christian is to follow Christ; so adding pagan practices is kinda wrong. The Bible says in Exodus 11 that you shall have no other God but ME. Believing that a green tree gives everlasting life replaces the real Christ.

C.Z., United Kingdom

Loves the Magazine

I just received Tomorrow’s News [now Prevail] magazine and was very glad you did really consider sending it to me here in the Philippines by mail. I read it from cover to cover on the day I got hold of it. I really appreciate the work you all have done. I hope I’ll be able to get hold of the next and succeeding issues by mail. Again, thanks a lot.

Nelson Francia, The Philippines

Very Enlightening

I got a copy of your magazine Tomorrow’s News [now Prevail] and enjoyed it very much. I found it most enlightening. Please, I would like to continue getting copies in the future.

Erlene Benigar, United States


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