A New Conception in Christ

For years I had dined at the table of deceit
Fulfilling my own desires and lusts.
Habitual sin once a daily routine
As I fellowshipped with the unjust.

Readily I followed the multitude of despair,
The blind leading the blind into the ditch.
Laying my treasures on things of this world;
Plotting schemes of how I could become rich

Afflicting vulnerable souls, causing many to stray,
As I foolishly lived by the sword.
Rejoicing in sin. For much less than thirty shekels,
I was eager to betray the Lord.

Then one day I heard a loud knock on my door,
And I anxiously answered the call
It was the Lord of hosts, The God of Jacob,
So I let Him in, my heart, my soul, my all.

He aptly chastened me with His rod of reproof
As I cried out in stern throbbing pain.
Anguish and sorrow overflowed my soul,
But I knew this was not occurring in vain.

“Please forgive me,” I cried.
“For against You and You alone Lord have I sinned.
I submit to Your will, incline my ear to Your call
“Please my past sins will you rescind?”

He presented me the gift of repentance,
And baptized me in His name by water and Spirit.
He said if I followed His laws and accepted His terms,
Eternal life I would surely inherit.

So I picked up my cross and asked Him to guide me,
So I could obtain life without end.
He restored my soul, through the pathway of righteousness,
As my life I allowed Him to bend.

Lord, You are the potter and I am the clay,
I declare, “Do with me Lord as You will!”
Shaped into worthy formation, He molded me,
So His righteousness could be fulfilled.

Teach me to walk in the light as You are in the light,
So to darkness I will never return.
Fill me with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and truth,
As salvation I am eager to learn.

Help me to bear fruit in every good work,
For the sake of Your Kingdom come;
That I will resist temptations and purge out vanities,
That I once performed under the sun.

In Christ I am now a new creation,
As I rightly turned my back from sin.
Baptized into His death, justified by His blood,
A new life chapter I earnestly begin.

If there be any soul out there needing to repent
And begin a new path today:
Jesus Christ is the only solution, the Bread of Life,
And He is gracefully passing your way.


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