Start the Cultivation

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Lord you are Sovereign!
Lord you are Divine!
Start the cultivation of my spirit and mind.
You said, “Knock and it shall open, seek and ye shall find”
I solicit your help to be spiritually inclined.

I lack discipline and self-control
Save me Lord before I lose my soul.
Jesus, a perfect example of self-control,
was spat on, beat, and ridiculed.

He did not lose control in spite of it all.
It was evident, the fruits of the Spirit, He had them all.

Peace, love, long suffering, I’m adamant about emulating my Jesus.

Temperance, gentleness, meekness, joy, and faith,
The glory of your Coming I anticipate.

Through the cultivation process I will be strong;
in order to get salvation.

The Patriarchs of the Bible had the Fruits of the Spirit.
Through their trials and testing they have displayed it.
By faith they were triumphant and were blessed.

Lord please heed my cry, and start the cultivation before I die.


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