Where is The Good News?

As someone who has worked in journalism for nearly 20 years, I can always remember the days when going for the top story of the day was the whole point of working as a newsman. When you got that top story, it made your day, or week for that matter.

What was the “good news” that was so important to get? Most of the time, it was something bad—a scandal, serious crime, accident, economic troubles, or something to do with the breaking of God’s laws.

In fact, the good things never seemed to make the news very often, and even when they did, they were not the top stories.

How’s this for homework? Make some time and try to watch the major evening news. Note carefully, the nature of the news being broadcasted and you will be surprised either way. It will either be too much negative news, not enough good news, or no good news at all.

The news that you’ll watch will merely be a reflection of the state of affairs in our society today, where lawlessness has penetrated every sector. Where is the good news you may ask? The good news is this: there is good news (pardon the pun).

The Church of God has good news for everyone. It has been saying this all along. What is the good news? It is the Gospel (which means “good news”) of Jesus, the Christ, and His coming Kingdom, which will soon take over all human governments and replace them with the Kingdom of the Most High God.

That’s the good news!


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